Roll back state cabinet’s decision to create DIFCA: ACF

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 13: Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) which has been expressing its reservation regarding Arunachal Pradesh Government’s decision to set up a full-fledged Department of Indigenous Faith and Cultural Affairs (DIFCA) has now called for its roll back.
Addressing media persons at the Press Club here this afternoon, ACF General Secretary, Toko Teki informed that the Forum has served an ultimatum to the Chief Minister on Friday seeking roll back of the state cabinet’s decision.
‘In case, the Forum’s demands are not met within Oct 25 next, it will be forced to resort to democratic movement in the form of peaceful protest rally’, he added.
‘The Forum had earlier submitted a memorandum to the CM on Aug 31, 2017 urging him to roll back the cabinet decision and the CM on his part assured to look into the grievances but surprisingly, the government in its Sep 20 notification informed that it is going to promote and provide all facilities and privileges to certain religions’, Teki stated.
He added, “For years people of all religions, be it Donyi Polo, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or Muslim have peacefully lived together in Arunachal. Never there has been any dispute as we all consider ourselves first as the children of soil. But unfortunately due to outside influence of organization like RSS, the seed of religious hatred is being sown through the creation of DIFCA.”
The ACF asked state government not to formulate policy based on the dictation of outsider.
“The Arunachalees, irrespective of tribe and religion have elected the present government.
Therefore, it is the duty of state government to keep local sensitivity in consideration while formulating any policies. It should not allow outsiders to set programme and policies which are detrimental to the society,” the ACF said.
Further the Forum clarified that it is not against any religion but is only raising voice against the wrong practice.
“We want to maintain the secular character of the country where all religions are respected and treated equally. Promoting a particular religion by state is against Article 27 of our constitution, which says that tax payers’ money cannot be used for promotion of particular religion. The creation of DIFCA is going to affect the social harmony and peaceful co-existence of the people of Arunachal,” it added.