Itanagar- Papu Nallah road restored

YUPIA, Oct 15: The Itanagar-Papu Nallah road which remained blocked at Kana Nallah landslide zone for last two days was restored with the technical help provided by the civil construction company M/s T K Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd on Sunday morning.
The road is one of the major lifelines and only inter-district road which connects East Kameng, West Kameng, Tawang, Upper Sibansiri, Lower Subinsiri and all Siang districts without passing through Assam.
Stating that sinking land slide zone at 18Km point from Yupia Tinali posed a major problem for traffic movement, Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner, Tai Kaye stressed on permanent solution with road realignment or diversion of road below the existing one.
Further, rain water of Gumto Nallah washed away a portion of the road between Gumto to JNV Higher Secondary School last night.
However, the district administration intervened and a diversion road was built with the help of machineries provided by the T K Engineering, for the convenience of students and staff of the JNV higher secondary school.
The DC further requested the appropriate authority for budgetary support as huge liabilities are still pending for clearance to search operation and medical team engaged in Hostallam helicopter crash and Laptap landslide.
Meanwhile, the Trans Highway authority and T K Company also reiterated that without proper budgetary support, they cannot maintain and keep the road thorough. DIPRO