1st East Kameng district Karate Championship 2017

SEPPA, Oct 20: Open fight winner Raja Yangfo and Techi Bagang, Nabom Sonam and Dania Pordung were awarded as best fighters with Trophy and cash amount of Rs 10,000, 5,000 and 3,000 each at the 1st East Kameng district Karate Championship 2017.
Earlier, the tournament which was sponsored by Seppa MLA cum Parliamentary Secretary (Tax and Excise) Tapuk Taku, started at Abo Tani Bazarline here in presence of Deputy Commissioner, Rajeev Takuk and DRDA PD Dahey Sangno.
East Kameng Karate Association also felicitated renowned karatekas and medal winners in international events, namely, Jhony Mangkya, Raja Yangfo, Doni Yangfo and Chopa Tallo with cash amount of Rs 30,000 each from Tapuk Taku.
East Kameng Social Welfare and Cultural Organisation (EKSCWO) General Secretary, Nikam Tallang and Seppa Chamber of Commerce President, Tasang Taku attended the closing ceremony.