Road connectivity for development

Dear Editor,
This is in support of the news item “connectivity is critical constrain for development of Arunachal Pradesh” published in the Arunachal Times on 0ct 23.
Glory to Dr. Rajive Kumar, Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog, for advising the Govt, of Arunachal Pradesh to build road to connect every part of the state.
He said that the only constraint for development is the lack of connectivity. He urged the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to mitigate the constraint with proper vision and plan.
In the present circumstances, the connectivity to the Border out post is the need of the hour-to supply arms and ammunitions and ration items to the army personnel.
In 1962 war, the Indian army had to retreat from NEFA for want of supply of arms and ammunitions and ration items.
I have seen the army unit which was posted at Tuting retreating to Yingkiong on foot march through mountain track. It was pathetic. They were tired, hungry, and many of them were ill. Many of them died on the way of hunger.
Defence clearance road should be constructed with the proper understanding of topographical position of a locality for Defence purpose.
For instance, there is defense road on one bank of almighty Siang River and other bank is left open for enemy entry. There are many passes vulnerable to enemy entry on the left bank of the river. So the Government should think of constructing parallel defence road on the both banks of mighty Siang River.
So far I know Dr. Kumar is the first to advice Government of Arunachal Pradesh openly. All previous Governments, both central and state have been unmindful. In a way, they neglected Arunachal Pradesh.
We are happy to know that the present government is proposing some schemes for the development of road communication in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
We welcome the benevolent schemes of the present Government.
Bani Danggen,