CMO, govt shielding culprits: APCC

ITANAGAR, Nov 2: Reacting to the Government Spokesperson’s defense on Chief Minister Pema Khandu’s alleged involvement in the fake appointment scam of 300 Multi Purpose Workers (MPW), the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) claimed that the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) covertly handled the case with the police and is trying to protect the culprit involved in the scam.
In a communiqué on Thursday evening, APCC President, Takam Sanjoy said that the Spokesperson has been kept in the dark about the CMO’s official involvement in sabotaging the investigation, and alleged the involvement of other parties as well.
“The party has gathered enough evidence involving the CMO, including some OSDs and Parliamentary Secretaries hobnobbing with the police not to arrest the culprit”, the APCC said.
Making further accusations, the APCC chief said that alleged culprits, including Tsewang Gyatso, are reportedly trying to return some of the money taken from the people but are facing difficulties since the money paid as bribe were taken at an interest rate of 10 percent a month.
“This scam cannot be whisked away with lame excuses”, Sanjoy said, adding that the CMO is hiding things from the Government Spokesperson and is trying to shield the culprits from being investigated and arrested.
Sanjoy also informed that the party would call on the Governor to make a charge-sheet against the BJP Government led by Pema, for its alleged scams and corruption cases in the past year.
“The Congress would never remain a silent spectator and is determined to take the culprit and the government to the court of law if the situation demands”, he added.