A mighty pen and Swach Roing

[Tapek Riba]

ITANAGAR, Nov 8: In the eastern town of Roing, the Headquarter of Lower Dibang Valley District, a silent but persistent revolution began a little over three years from now. Karyir Riba, a correspondent with Arunachal Times from this silent town singularly started her fight against Municipal Solid Waste management which was in a mess. Her frequent reporting in this daily attracted attention of people from all walks of life and I was no exception. It attracted my attention so much so that I used to have a quick scan of the paper in the morning to see if there was any new episode added to her fight against littering of garbage, faulty drainage system and so on.
On many occasions she drew flake from the people at the helm of affairs. At some stages she received criticism and opposition for bringing out the sorry state of affairs in the print and electronic media but she remained undeterred by such criticism and oppositions.
During one of my visits to Roing, I myself witnessed the sorry state of affairs in the middle of the town itself. Clogged drainage systems, broken RCC slabs and most conspicuous of all- the dust bins installed by the department of Urban Development that seemed to capsize under the weight of garbage and solid waste including plastic and organic wastes spilled all over right in the middle of the town in front of daily vegetable market. That was indeed a horrible sight to see.
One of her reports on installation of an incinerator in the middle of the Mashelo village in the beginning of the year 2016 drew attention of many and I being Member Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board was compelled to inquire into the matter.
Alerted by her report, I made up my mind to visit the site personally to get firsthand information in the matter before any consent is granted to operate the plant. When I reached the site, many villagers came to me and started complaining about the plant and requested me to get the plant shifted to some isolated place. The Junior Engineer of UD Department who met me on the spot informed me that they have already selected a new site for installation of the incinerator. I had issued a strict instruction for immediate shifting of the plant. Such plants cannot be installed in the middle of human habitation.
Over the years, this correspondent had been consistently fighting a battle with the general mass for a clean Roing which ultimately brought colours by generating awareness amongst general mass and the concerned department alike. Powered by the Government of India’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” and with birth of a voluntary organisation by name of “I CLEAN” and other NGOs, Roing now has a different look which pleases the eyes of onlookers. The social workers of the town are doing a tremendous job in keeping the town clean.
Roing now has a pleasing sight all around. The capsized garbage bins in the middle of the market reinstalled with very clean look and several bamboo dust bins installed at regular intervals all over the market areas. I was amazed to see that there was no littering even during the DURGA PUJA celebration.
Thanks to this correspondent for her undeterred aspiration and thanks to the Administration, the UD Department, NGOs and particularly the conscious denizens of this beautiful town Roing who have made up their minds to keep Roing clean. (The contributor is Member Secretary, APSPCB, Naharlagun)