An open letter to the Chief Minister

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to ask few questions regarding inaugural function of Western Divisional Commissioner’s office at Yachuli.
Western Divisional Commissioner was inaugurated on Nov 7 though it was officially created way back in 1999. It is a great day for the western part of Arunachal and yes, this day is to be cherished. But the way this program was organised raises many questions.

The Deputy Commissioner of Lower Subansiri announced local holiday for the program with an order that every Principal and headmaster should attend along with their students!
What governance is this? Is it just because Chief Minister and his fellow ministers are attending the program and they needed audience?
Office of the Commissioner is just another govt. office so what was the need.
Secondly, the program started two days before the actual inauguration day!! And why would any govt. invite artists from Russia and Bollywood for entertainment on a government official program? Why a government program has to be accompanied by DJ Night, Bollywood Nite and fashion show?

If your govt has so much of funds to spend on worthless extravaganza, then kindly spend those funds for good roads, good hospitals, good schools, good colleges.
I am sure Chief Minister himself must have witnessed some pathetic conditions of roads, schools, and hospitals on his way to Yachuli.
We wish to see a changing Arunachal, not degrading Arunachal.

A Public