Farmers advised to adopt scientific method of fish farming

ROING, Nov 23: Parbuk ZPM, Titel Pertin advised fish farmers to adopt latest methods of scientific fish farming for increased fish production and improved livelihood.
He was speaking during the inaugural day of a three-day long training programme on ‘Fisheries Technology Transfer and Skill Development of the Farmers’ conducted in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries, GoAP and National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad at Bolung Panchayat Hall on Wednesday last.
Over 50 beneficiaries attended the training, which included Roing DFDO Nabam Tania, PC KVK Roing Dr TJ Ramesha, Programme Assistant Sangey Choum Thungon, EO Olik Jomang and FO O Perme as resource persons. (DIPRO)