Ering writes to Modi on muddy Siang River

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Nov 26: Member of Parliament, Ninong Ering on Saturday sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attention towards the Siang River, which is reportedly flowing muddy and contaminated water.
Expressing serious concern over the reported construction of 1000-km-long tunnel to divert Brahputra in Tibet, Ering in his letter to Modi said, “…A few months back, a report which was denied by the Chinese Government in regard to diverting a channel over Tsangpo (Siang/ Brahmaputra ) in Tibet has become an issue of concern”.
The Eastern Parliamentarian claimed that the development in the mighty Siang River is an unusual phenomena and the reason for the muddy water is unknown, whereas it should be crystal clear by now.
Ering went on to state, “I have already put questions and also under rule 377 to be discussed in the Parliament,” and urged on the Prime Minister Office’s to verify the reason behind the muddy Siang River.
Ering expressed apprehension that reports of diverting Brahmaputra water by the Chinese Government to Xingjian Province to the Taklimakan desert is likely to be true.
He also claimed that construction of a 100 kilometres long tunnel has already started in the Yunan Province as a rehearsal.
“There is no other reason that the mighty Siang River -tributary of the Brahmaputra -should be dirty in the month of November”, said Ering, pleading the PMO to verify with the help of international body.
Meanwhile, DIPRO reports that the polluted Siang river has created mayhem in the entire Siang region. This is the season for fishing, angling and rafting on the Siang but because of muddiness, all activities have been halted, which is a threat to the livelihoods, the report adds.