Exploitation of Siang has already begun: Ering

PASIGHAT, Nov 27: Barely three days after he wrote to the PMO informing that waters in the Siang River turned muddy reportedly due to a build up in China, Member of Parliament Ninong Ering on Monday claimed that “Exploitation of the Siang has already begun.”
“Probably, China has started construction of the 1000-km-long tunnel to divert Brahmaputra River from Tibet to Xinjiang,” he said.
Water level of Siang has remarkably decreased, become muddy and unfit for aquatic live, he said, adding that the union ministry should take up the issue on priority.
Stating that the matter is too sensitive, the MP informed that he has already sought immediate intervention of the union ministry in a letter to the Prime Minister.
Any such major construction in neighboring China could maximize the risk of water related conflict and devastate the fragile ecosystem of the entire Brahmaputra Valley, opined Ering.
He warned that a delay would allow China to tap this water resource and prompt major conflict in the Siang belt and Assam in particular and the nation as a whole.
Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak on Monday held an emergency meeting in his office chamber, which was attended by Ering, former minister Bosiram Siram, EE (WRD) Tamo Jamoh, EE (PHED) Bimal Welly and other administrative officers.
Informing that the intelligence bureau has already been alerted on the development, DC Tatak directed the EEs of WRD and PHED for constant vigil on it.
He also instructed to collect sample and to submit test report(s) immediately so that it can be forwarded to the state government for necessary action.
EE (PHED) led by Bimal Welly (EE) carried out water test using high-tech Photometer in its water testing laboratory and submitted the report.
As per the test observation the Turbidity in water was found 425 NTU against permissible range of 0-5 NTU, PH Value 7.5 against permissible range of 6.5 to 8.5 and total hardness 75 ppm as against Permissible range of 30-120.
Welly stated that NTU (Naphelometric Turbidity Unit) 425 is found to be very high and exposed for a long period may affect aquatic lives including eggs/larva.
The same sample will also be sent to the State Water Testing Laboratory, Mowb-II, Itanagar for investigation.
EE (WRD) Tamo Jamoh also sent collected sample to NERIST, Nirjuli for further investigation. (DIPRO)