Pinch’s death a pre-planned murder; claims family

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Nov 30: Daughter of former MLA late Ngurang Pinch, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances on November 18 last, Ngurang Meena has reiterated that Pinch’s death was a pre-planned political murder.
Addressing media persons at the Press Club along with her family members, and members of the Ngurang Youth Welfare Society and Achi Dopum Welfare Society here on Thursday, she raised questions over the alleged silence of those team members present at the rafting expedition where Pinch died under mysterious circumstances.
She further appealed to them to come forward and tell the truth so that the mystery surrounding her father’s death is revealed.
‘There were 21 people in the rafting expedition, including former ministers Atum Welly, Kipa Tater, and Techi Ramda, Bamang Taji, Ngurang Abraham, Ngurang Tungkey, Ngurang Nega (the rafting guide), Nabam Batey, Panye Issac, Nabam Tadap, Bamang Galang, Nabam Tame and Bame Tadung (a police personnel), besides seven girls whose names could not be disclosed as they were all minors’, informed Meena, adding that some of the members of the team had lied about it earlier during the investigation.
She further alleged that the rafting expedition was planned by Tatar Kipa and that he insisted on Pinch joining the team.
‘We have eyewitnesses who can confirm this’, she claimed, adding that Pinch was in his office when Tatar Kipa called him up on his phone and insisted on him joining the team.
She also claimed that there was an argument between Ngurang Abraham and Pinch on the night before his death.
‘Ngurang Nega, who was the rafting guide, has revealed to us that after the body was recovered in the morning, the other members of the rafting team decided not to leak any information regarding the incident and whoever else does so would have to face consequences. Nega has revealed that the argument between Ngurang Abraham and Pinch grew louder and Pinch shouted “You all will be arrested”, to which Abraham allegedly replied by asking him to leave the camp, threatening of dire consequences’, she said.
‘Strangely enough, other members of the team, including the girls who had also confirmed to witnessing the heated argument between Abraham and Pinch slept off peacefully and claim to have no clue of the incident the next morning’, she claimed.
Alleging foul play in her father’s death, Meena stated that if the body was found inside the river in the morning of November 18 around 7 AM then why was the family informed at 2 PM in the afternoon and not sooner?
She also claimed that the team members’ excuse that there was no mobile network in the area was also found to be untrue.
However, she also added that the family does not claim that all the members of the rafting team are involved, but someone had killed him and therefore the truth needs to be told.
‘We have full faith in the SIT investigation and we hope that the truth behind our father’s death is revealed’, she added.
Her sister, Ngurang Reena also appealed to the SIT and the state government to accelerate the investigation and bring justice to the family.
She further informed that her family, along with the Achi Dopum Welfare Society is going to organize a candle-light vigil on December 7 next from Tennis Court (IG Park) to the Gompa Mandir.