What’s happening in education dept?

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily newspaper, I would like to express my anguish at the state of affairs of the department of Education in Arunachal Pradesh.In every sense of the word I should safely say that it is under deep chaos as the top bosses of the department are least bothered about the fragile health of the department.
An episode involving the Secretary Education and the Principal of Govt. Hr.Sec.School, Koloriang last year should ring the bell for anyone wondering what the hell is happening to the department which had adopted the policy of “zero tolerance”.
It was alleged by the Secretary Education that the said principal of the school was the junior most Assistant Teacher who had been appointed as officiating Head Master and then officiating Principal within a short span of two to three years superseding many seniors in the process. In the said clash,the alleged principal is having the last laugh as he continues to hold the post due to political patronage.
The department then was alleged to have appointed a person with distance education degree certificate as Executive Engineer in the Engineering Wing without following any recruitment rules. The issue brought a bad reputation to the department especially in the social media sites.
And just a week ago, it is understood that the Department bosses have also appointed a junior most Junior Teacher , who is already under officiating appointment as Head Master , as Deputy Director of School Education for Kamle District.
Now the interesting part is that in Kamle district , so far the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police are yet to be posted. The new district is even yet to be formally inaugurated. This time the department has surely outdid itself.
These are just the sneak peaks. I have not mentioned the irregularities in supply of text books in some of the local medias and illegal appointment of officiating Head Masters, District Adult Education Officers, Block Education Officer, Assistant Project Officer, Junior Engineers and Assistant Engineers in Engineering Wing etc.
My humble appeal to the department bosses is not to politicize the matter and to post genuine officers with good administrative track record to initiate development works for the new district which is like a small baby and needs good nurture.
In such a scenario, I doubt the quality of education that we are aiming for will ever be achieved
Now the moot point is, where are Arunachal Teacher’s Association, AASSATA,APETA and also the AAPSU, ANSU etc. and the so called guardians of the society. Are they so afraid of the powerful people or have they also compromised with them and made a tacit agreement not to raise voice against them.
Abang Techi,