Forum claims no boundary dispute over Pakke-Kessang district creation

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: The All Pijeriang Circle Peoples Forum (APCPF) on Wednesday claimed that there is no boundary issue over the creation of the proposed Pakke-Kessang district.
In a memorandum to the Chief Minister, the APCPF stated that the people of both banks of the Papu River have been living peacefully for decades despite the existence of different administrative circles and constituencies.
‘A boundary problem had cropped up in 2000 between the villagers of Lumdang and Veo, when late Dera Natung was the Education Minister. However, the dispute was amicably resolved after an 11-member committee, chaired by Circle Officer G Nyickyor, verified the disputed site and demarcated the boundary on 28 May, 2000,’ the forum claimed.
It stated that the demand of the West Papu Valley People Representative Committee (WPVPRC) that the valley should not be divided into two parts ‘is illogical, malafide and misleading,’ and added that Upper Papu Valley, from Sede toTengri, is already under the 12th Pakke-Kessang constituency.
The forum countered the committee’s demand, saying the WPVPRC’s suggestion to make Sangking Yarlo the boundary between Pakke-Kessang and East Kameng had no basis ‘as it lies beyond Veo village in Pijeriang circle, which is already under Pakke-Kessang.’
The forum also said the valley is already divided into two constituencies since 1990 and some of the cultivated land on the western side of the river fall under Pakke-Kessang constituency.
‘Moreover, recently, a new circle headquarters, Debeyar, has been created, which shows the clear-cut administrative boundary’, the forum added.