Org calls for maintenance of hydropower channel

SEPPA, Dec 7: The East Kameng Social Welfare & Cultural Organisation (EKSWCO) has requested the Hydropower Department to prepare ‘a realistic estimate’ for maintenance of the power channel of the 3 mw Pacha hydroelectric project here.
After an inspection of the power house, tanks, and the entire 4 km-long power channel of the project on Wednesday, a fact-finding team constituted by the East Kameng Deputy Commissioner and an EKSWCO team led by its Vice Chairman Dahey Sangno, observed that only one of the two turbines installed at the power house is functional, thereby generating only half of the project’s capacity.
The defunct turbine had operated for only 20 days in last two years and it is still awaiting repair.
The entire stretch of the power channel has its bed worn out, and its reinforcement is exposed, leading to leakages at several points. Seepage holes were found at both sides of the channel’s walls at various locations, and at certain locations, the wall on the valley side tilted precariously at the joints.
The team also found that the power channel’s height has been fiddled with at Pabua by the PMGSY road contractor during construction of a culvert, creating a risk of flooding of the nearby habitation.
The villagers of Donigoan and Pabua in a meeting also put forth their grievances, like erection of fencing along the channel to prevent falling of cattle, and slabs at certain points for ease of crossing the channel, according to an EKSWCO release.