Mishra concerned over poor cleanliness

ITANAGAR, Dec 15: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Dr BD Mishra, has urged the people of the Capital Complex to address the challenge of keeping the capital clean.
During a meeting with officers of the UD department, IMC representatives, members of the Vivekananda Kendriya Vidhyalaya Alumni Association, and representatives of NGOs, the governor expressed concern over the poor standard of cleanliness in and around the Capital Complex.
He suggested a ‘five-point mantra’ to make the Swachhta Abhiyan successful. First among them, he said, is for the denizens of the Capital Complex to change their mindset and take pride in keeping the state capital clean.
He also called for regular and timely lifting of garbage from the designated garbage points, and for a proper solid waste management policy.
Earlier in the day, the governor urged the officers and staff of Raj Bhavan to set an example in their own homes and wards “and motivate others to follow the path of cleanliness.”
The Swachhta Abhiyan should not become just a photo opportunity, he said. (PRO)