Union hits back at BJP unit, says will go ahead with bandh

PALIN, Dec 16: Reacting to the Kra Daadi district BJP unit’s claim that the district bandh on 20 December announced by the All Kra Daadi District Students’ Union (AKDDSU) is ‘politically motivated,’ the union on Saturday termed the allegation ‘false and fabricated.’
In a press release the AKDDSU accused the BJP unit of ‘trying to tarnish the hard-earned image and reputation of the union without any proof and evidence.’
Daring the BJP unit to prove its allegation, the AKDDSU demanded that the party also ‘show us the tangible development activities taken up in the district during their ruling period.’
On the BJP’s allegation that the union did not raise its voice over issues during the Congress regime, the AKDDSU said it has been raising these issues ‘since day one, even with the previous government.’
It said although the union has been taking up issues related to development and students’ welfare over the years, the BJP unit itself is yet to do so.
‘Presently, the state is ruled by the BJP government, but we have not seen any development brought by them in the district,’ it claimed.
On the issue of the ‘dog’ remark allegedly made by Chief Minister Pema Khandu against Palin MLA Takam Pario, the AKDDSU said it has every right to defend a representative of the district.
‘We are not concerned with which party forms the government, but with development and welfare for the people of the district,’ it said, adding that the issues raised by it are not against any government or political party.
The union, however, accused the Pema Khandu government of ignoring schemes submitted from the district, and of being inequitable in distributing funds for the state’s development.
‘The proposed Kra Daadi district bandh on 20 December will be launched,’ it reiterated.