Upcoming Job Prospects

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[ M Panging ]
Most Arunachalese prefer to pursue Engineering, Medical, Law and conventional graduation or post graduation in Arts and Science. These lines of further studies leads to many Arunachalese aiming to pick up jobs as Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Govt service or teaching profession.
There are very less takers for central services like Armed Forces, Central Police Forces, Railways, MNCs, PSUs etc where there are lakhs of job openings. Only in the last few years some young Arunachalese are venturing into other sectors like Banking, Insurance etc. There has been a boom in the banking and insurance sector especially in North East India.
However, with increase in business opportunities, industries, services and entrepreneurship zeal, there has been a sudden demand for other lesser preferred professions like Chartered Accountants, Architects, Certified Valuators, Tax Consultants, Accountants, Management graduates, Public Relations etc. Big projects cannot be progressed and culminated without these key professions.
Chartered Accountants are in demand for preparation of Detailed Project Reports, Filing GST Returns, Income Tax returns, Financial Audits, Balance Sheets etc. With the introduction of GST, there has been a jump in the requirements of Tax Consultants and Accountants. Towards valuation of property and real estate for mortgage deeds Certified Valuators are required. For processing loans from financial institutions and banks Empanelled Lawyers are required. Similarly increase in industries and services have led to increase in demand of Management Graduates, Marketing/Sales managers, Advertising executives, Public Relations managers etc.
Increase in construction of better houses and office buildings have also led to increase in demand for Architects and Interior Designers. There is also an increased demand for qualified and experienced electricians and plumbers. These professions are well paid and would help sustain a comfortable life.
Presently there are just a handful of Arunachalese practicing these lesser known professions. Therefore, entrepreneurs and industries are dependent on Chartered Accountants, Certified Valuators, Empanelled Lawyers from Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Lakhimpur, Tezpur etc.
More young Arunachalese need to take up these professions which would offer them good livelihoods and decent living. The demand for these critical professions is likely to increase in the near future. Isn’t it better to be independent and self sustained with a regular income rather than give away hard earned money to professionals outside the state? (The contributor is Retired Group Captain VM)