Assn calls for deptts to follow formalities

ITANAGAR, Dec 22: All Arunachal Contractors’ Welfare Association (AACWA) in a representation to the chief secretary on Friday urged him to instruct all the work departments to strictly follow the formalities and conditions laid down in the general financial rule (GFR), DFRP, etc, and the relevant orders and instructions issued by the government from time to time.
It also demanded that the same formalities should also be followed while utilizing the state and national disaster response funds.
In its representation, the AACWA claimed that ‘Rs. 32.8 crore was allocated to various departments in November this year. But no NIT, NIQ, or EoI was floated or invited by the executing departments to execute the said works in their jurisdiction, in violation of the guidelines laid down by the government.’
It also demanded that the chief secretary, who also is the chief vigilance officer, to instruct the AP PWD Enlistment of Contractors Registering Officers to strictly follow the norms as per the AP PWD Enlistment Rule, 2008.
It alleged that many engineers have got their own firms registered in the names of their kith and kin, and are doing contract works, depriving the genuine contractors.
As per rule, the AACWA said, no kith and kin of engineers have the right to get registered as contractors under the AP PWD.
The AACWA demanded immediate cancellation of such firms following the AP PWD Enlistment Rule, 2008.
The contractors’ association also demanded implementation of the recent Central Vigilance Committee circular on the issue of tendering process and negotiations with lowest tender (L1).
In the circular it has, among other things, been stated: ‘As post tender negotiations could often be a source of corruption, it is directed that there should be no post tender negotiations with LI, except in certain exceptional situations.’
‘There should normally be no post-tender negotiations. If at all negotiations are warranted under exceptional circumstances, then it can be with lowest tenderer only, if the tender pertains to the award of work/supply orders, etc, where the government or the government company has to make payment. However, if the tender is for sale of material by the government or a government company, post-tender negotiations are not to be held except with the highest tenderer, if required,’ the circular states.