Arrests made in rape, murder case

Staff Reporter
CHONGKHAM, Dec 31: The police here in Namsai district have arrested two suspects in connection with the recent rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl.
Sources informed that the prime suspect is the victim’s uncle, while the other suspect is his driver.
The police said that investigation is underway to ascertain whether the suspects had a hand in the rape and murder of the minor, adding that the identity of the suspects cannot be revealed at this point as it would affect the investigation.
On 23 December, a 13-year-old girl was found brutally raped and murdered in a village in Chongkham circle.
Earlier, the police had revealed that the victim had gone to the fields with her brother on the day. She stayed back in the fields to play while her brother went to the Chongkham market to complete his errands at around 10 am.
The family later realized that their daughter was unusually late in returning and started a frantic search for her throughout the village.
The family later found the girl’s naked body in a nearby ditch covered with jungle bushes. There were multiple laceration injuries on her neck and both hands, as the assailant(s) had slit her throat and also chopped off three fingers of her left hand.