Horrifying details of schoolgirl’s rape and murder emerges

Staff Reporter
NAMSAI Jan 2: In a recent development to the rape and murder of a 13-year-old schoolgirl in Chongkham circle of Namsai district, the driver who was arrested as a suspect has given a statement against the victim’s uncle.
As per sources, the driver has claimed that the uncle saw the girl in the fields. The uncle first attacked the girl with a machete (dao) on her shoulder and then attempted to rape her. When she fought back, he slit her throat, raped her and threw her body in the ditch where her body was later found.
The driver, who is now the primary eye witness, reportedly did not make any attempts to stop his employer during the entire gruesome act.
Another witness has been called in for a statement, who has claimed to have seen the prime suspect in the fields.
The uncle, who is reportedly an opium addict, was intoxicated when the witness saw him.
However, the second witness has claimed to not have been witness to the rape and murder.
The police are also tight-lipped as the uncle has not confessed to the crime and is denying the allegations.
Medical reports are still awaited to ascertain whether the prime suspect’s bodily fluids match with those found at the crime scene.
On December 23, a 13-year-old girl was found raped and murdered in Chongkham circle of Namsai district.
The young child had gone to the family’s fields to drive away stray animals. When she did not return, the family started a search with residents of the village and found her naked body with laceration marks on her neck and hands.