A banker to his customers

Dear Editor,
The grievances of many customers are justifiable and indeed need to be addressed at the earliest.
But before we speak of grievances, let’s look at the possible reason behind dysfunctional ATM.
We all are aware of demonitisation. During its implementation, the crisis of legal tenders was inevitably expected, but no one had any idea about the span its was going to traverse.
Recently, there was news about cash crunch in SBI.
We can come to a conclusion that currencies are not enough to provide to the customers.
Therefore, when branch itself is facing a crunch, cash filled ATM are nearly bleak.
Beside power, to keep ATM running, it needs cash and agents to repair the mulfunctioning ATM.
My guess is both are in crunch at the present moment, if we go by the recent news.
There must be almost nil local agents with technical skills to repair ATMs so agents are called from other states.
On the other hand, cash is required to run branches and ATM machine.
So when there is news of currency crisis, than one have to be closed down. The branches cannot be closed down, so by default, ATM remains out of cash.
There is banking ombudsman to redress your grievance, whose address and contact number can be found at the RBI website and there is a consumer court available in states to look into such matter.
My takeaway point for the customer is that, there is a reason behind every downfall in the quality of service; either it’s because of the attitude of a banker or the technical.
Regarding ATM, it is mostly due to cash crunch or lack of ATM repair service provider.
Please approach the branch for the redressal of your grievances and remember there are other ways open too.
Optimistic banker,
New Abali