PTC personnel benefit from health camp

BANDERDEWA, Jan 14: Over 170 personnel of the Police Training Centre (PTC) here, along with their families benefited from a health camp and counseling programme organised by the PTC on Saturday in collaboration with ARIN Society.
Structured to provide awareness on the mental and physical wellbeing of the police personnel, the programme focused primarily on issues experienced by those in the armed forces who go through various physical and mental stresses due to the nature of their duties.
Speakers, including neuropsychiatry consultant Dr Kena, pathologist Dr Hage Nobin, MO Dr Haj Jency Nyodu, and gynaecologist Dr Toyir Ete, provided information on topics like first aid, crisis intervention, infections and fatal illnesses, and psychiatric health and mental wellbeing.
‘Emphasis was laid on mental disturbances faced by those in this line of work, as it has been statistically proven to report a high risk of psychological breakdown,’ the PTC informed in a release.
With this in mind, Dr Kena dwelt on issues like depression, stress, anxiety, alcoholism and suicide, and discussed their individualistic, familial and social implications.
In addition to this, the increasing inclination towards drug abuse was also discussed.
The event was a first of its kind, stressing as it did on the mental wellbeing of the personnel.
PTC Principal, Surendra Choudhary envisaged conducting more such camps at the PTC.