Group demands arrest of culprits involved in student leader’s death

RUKSIN, Jan 30: The Boriing Olung Welfare Society’s Youth Wing (BOWS-YW) has reiterated its demand for the arrest of the persons involved in the alleged killing of student leader Ojing Taying, who succumbed to his injuries following a brutal attack on the night of 10 June last year.
BOWS-YW president Elijah Taying said the police had sought six to seven months’ time to nab the perpetrators whose fatal attacks led to the demise of Taying.
“The family members and the BOWS are hopeful that the police would not let us down in our pursuit of justice, especially since there are witnesses to the incident, and also because we have been cooperating with the law establishment by giving them all the time they needed to investigate the matter without any pressure or hindrance,” said Elijah, a lawyer by profession.
“We are hopeful that the female friend who was with the deceased at the time of the attack must have been already interrogated by the police, since her account could help them to easily nab the culprits,” Elijah said.
Meanwhile, the BOWS-YW conducted an awareness campaign on social issues during its conference at Ngorlung in East Siang district from 27-28 January, during which BOWS-Apex president Tamat Gamoh urged youths to stay away from bad elements that harm the image and sanctity of the society.
BOWS-YW members also donated two green boards and two water filters to Donyi Polo Vidya Niketan in Ngorlung village.