Students witness rare celestial phenomenon at Science Centre

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: Over 150 students of the Capital Complex witnessed the rare celestial phenomenon-Super blue blood moon from the Arunachal Pradesh Science Centre this evening.
The programme was arranged by senior scientists of the Science Centre, who facilitated the students to enjoy the lunar eclipse.
Attending the programme, Director cum Member Secretary, Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science & Technology, CD Mungyak explained about the rare phenomenon and about the super moon and blue moon.
Mungyak and other senior scientists of the centre said that “during a total lunar eclipse, the moon gets shadowed by the earth, but the sunlight which is passing through the earth’s atmosphere gets scattered and falls on the moon surface, thereby making the moon take a reddish copper hue, which is also called as blood moon”.
Students of various schools, including Him International School, Kingcup School, Vivekananda Central School, Vivekananda Residential Public School and Elezar English School witnessed the lunar eclipse.