Devotees throng to listen to Buddhist discourse

NAMSAI, Feb 10: Hundreds of devotees from Namsai and nearby districts thronged the Sai-Leng Dham Dhamma (Light Meditation Centre) here on Saturday to listen to religious discourses by Ven Khuva Boonchum, Ven Khammai Dhammasami (from Oxford University, London), and Ven Sukham.
The event, which was patronized by Environment & Forest Parliamentary Secretary Chow Tewa Mein and his family, also saw the attendance of Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein.
Ven Boonchum, who is a ‘forest meditation monk’ known for his solitary meditation practice, offered a chant to invoke the blessings of the Buddha on the lay people, and explained the Buddha’s dhamma in simple terms.
“We must all think positive, speak positive and act positive. Just having good thoughts will not suffice but our actions ought to be positive. The lesser our desire, the lesser is our misery. However good our actions and thoughts, without positivity and compassion it is meaningless,” he said.
He urged the devotees to venerate the Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha, teachers, and parents. He also spoke about the Buddha’s teachings on the five precepts, the loathsome nature of the body (asubha bhavana), the inevitability of death (maranassati), and meditation on compassion (metta).
Ven Dhammasami and Ven Sukham dwelt on the importance of compassion, and emphasized the need for positive thoughts and meditation to lead a happier and trouble-free life.
The three monks later blessed the gathering.
Before going to visit the Chongkham Buddha Vihara, Ven Boonchum visited the Golden Pagoda, where he was accorded a traditional reception by devotees and dancers of Kaa Kong Toh Kai (cock dance) and Kaa Kinnari (peacock dance). He offered blessings and chanted prayers for the wellbeing of all.
Ven Boonchum is also expected to visit the Pariyatti Sasana Buddha Vihara here on Sunday.