Pensioners seek enhanced pension benefits

ITANAGAR, Feb 22: The Arunachal Pradesh State Govt Pensioners’ Associations (APSGPA) has appealed to the state government to grant pension benefits to state’s pensioners and family pensioners as per the Government of India’s final order as well as grant them enhanced medical allowance.
In a release on Wednesday last, APSGPA president, Dr Yomcha claimed that the pension benefits granted to the pensioners and family pensioners by the state government on the basis of GoI’s order was interim/provisional in nature.
“The GoI subsequently issued a final order and the provisional order got redundant. However, the GoAP has been showing its apathy towards implementing the final order of the GoI which is unethical and disgraceful”, he stated, adding that the GoI’s interim order cannot remain effective after issuance of final order on the subject.
Dr Yomcha further claimed that enhanced medical allowance has also being denied at some level in the government despite the fact that both the aforementioned benefits have been promptly extended to the AlS pensioners and family pensioners in the state.