Mysterious object with ‘Made in China’ mark, Cantonese writing found in Arunachal Pradesh

ITANAGAR, Feb 24: A mysterious object with Chinese writing on it has been found in Kamle district of Arunchal Pradesh, about 100 km inside the Indian territory, police said today. A few villagers stumbled upon a partly burnt white box, wrapped in a cloth-like material with Chinese writing on it, on Wednesday last. It was found stuck in a tree, Superintendent of Police of Kamle, John Pada, told PTI on the phone.
The SP, Range Forest Officer Bunty Tao and a few officers trekked for five hours to Repari village, located at a height of 3,642 feet, to retrieve the object after woodcutters informed them about it.
The box opened up on hitting the tree and the black device inside was visible. The lower compartment probably contained a battery to power the device during flight, he said.
It had a powdered substance connected to wires, the SP said, adding it could be a meteorological equipment. Director General of Police Sandeep Goel said they were trying to ascertain what the object was. (PTI)