Golden jubilee Nyokum celebration culminates

YAZALI, Feb 28: The Yazali Nyokum Yullo Golden Jubilee celebration ended with much fanfare on Tuesday.
The celebrations begin on 23rd of this month with a prayer for well being of mankind and nature. On the last day, prizes were distributed for sports and cultural events.
Keeping in mind the concept of celebrating Nyokum in pure traditional form, only traditional sports competition were held. Even for cultural events, only Nyishi dialect songs were used.
Prizes for traditional games and sports, such as Nyerka Misnam (pole wrestling), Shen Chanam (tree or pole climbing), archery, etc were given.
Prizes were also given away for traditional cultural competitions, such as nyem khabnam, traditional instrument playing and others.
The Yazali Nyokum Yullo Golden Jubilee celebration committee under the chairmanship of Er Toko Jyoti, in order to promote traditional art and culture, did not allow any Bollywood or Hollywood items during the entire period of celebration.
Even during the fashion show contest, only traditional costumes were showcased.
The committee also organized Nyokum aan (Mrs) and Nyokum aab (Mr) contest for people above 45 years. The winners were judged based on their performance during the entire period of Nyokum celebration starting from day one to the last day.
A secret committee was constituted to select the winner.
Nabam Piju was adjudged as Nyokum aan and runners up was Taba Odi, while Likha Tali was adjudged as Nyokum Aab and Er Toko Jyoti, the chairman of Yazali Nyokum Yullo celebration committee was declared as runners-up.
Also, after the end of the celebration, the committee organized a social service at the festival venue.
The final ritual of Nyokum celebration known as Tazzar Panam (cleansing process) will be held on 3 March next.