Selective condemnation is a cowardice act

Dear Editor,
It is high time Arunachalee should also start to rise uncomfortable issues. Recent incident of three rape cases of minor has shocked the entire state. Public has condemned the incident in the strongest of words. Public rally, candle light vigil and cry for early justice was witnessed. It was great to see public staying united in such cause. But the same public maintained complete silence when mobs lynched two culprits in Tezu, vandalised Yingkiong police station and paraded the rape accused naked in Daporijo. Isn’t it a typical case of selecting easy issue?
Mob has no mind but judiciary and police have. It is wrong on part of any individual to take law in one’s hand. There is police to investigate the matter and judiciary to punish such culprits. Law of land should punish such culprits not mob. Wrong doings of mob is not an answer to wrong doings of culprits. Two wrongs do not make one right. This lynching mentality will do more harm than good to our society.
So I request fellow Arunachalee to be bold enough to rise uncomfortable issue, be bold enough to condemn not only rapist and murderer but also mob lynching.
I further request my favourite daily, The Arunachal time and my favourite journalist Tongam Rina to raise this issue. Selective condemnation is a cowardice act.
I want to conclude my letter by reminding Arunachal about the Dimapur lynching case where a person was lynched on rape charge by the angry mob only to find it later by the court that it wasn’t rape but consensual sex.
Rokpen Gali