Promote Galo script: Prof Riba

One-day workshop on Galo script

ITANAGAR, Mar 5: Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) Registrar Prof Tomo Riba exhorted the students to come forward and take active participation in promoting Galoo Ennam (script) and preserving the Galo language.
Prof Riba, who chaired the inaugural session of a one-day workshop on Galo script (`Galoo Ennam) at the Conference Hall of the Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies (AITS), Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) on 3 March, stressed need for preservation and revitalization of tribal languages.
The workshop was organised by the Galo Students Union of RGU in collaboration with the Galo Language Development Committee (GLDC) under the aegis of the Galo Welfare Society.
Prof Riba informed that the Galo Language development activity was started way back in 2000 with the appointment of the Galo Language Development Committee by the first `Galoo Baanv Kvbaa held at Aalo.
He said that the current level of achievement has been made possible after a series of workshops, seminars and expert opinions of linguists and renowned academicians.
He advised the students to come forward and take active participation in promoting `Galoo Ennam and preserving the Galo language.
Dr Minge Loyi, secretary general of the Galo Welfare Society narrated the important role to be played by the students in preservation of the Galo language.
Lisa Lomdak, Assistant Professor, AITS and co-coordinator, Centre for Endangered Languages, RGU informed that a three-month certificate course on Galo language has been introduced in the University, as a part of which `Galoo Ennam is also being taught.
She opined that there is an urgent need to promote the mother tongue (local languages) in the school curriculum as first language instead of promoting as third language for its effective promotion.
She emphasized that tribal local languages need to be promoted by all stakeholders and the current initiative by different tribes of the state to develop their own script is an encouraging development in this regard.
Further, she opined that the state government, the universities, linguists and community-based organisations, have to collaborate together and jointly pursue in tandem for safeguarding the local tribal languages from further marginalisation.
Dr Takop Zirdo, chairman GLDC said that Galo language has been approved and notified by the government for introduction in the schools as third language. He also informed that `Galoo Ennam textbooks have been prepared through the efforts of GLDC and it is being introduced in the schools of Galo inhabited areas.
He stressed that teachers training is an important issue to be addressed for effective implementation of the local language as the third language.
In the technical session, as resource persons, Yaadam Loyi, Igo Riba and Dr Bomchak Riba presented their lectures on different aspects of `Galoo Ennam.
GLDC members Dr Kenjum Bagra, Sentum Yomcha, advocate Domo Boje and Gomar Basar conducted the discussion parts and group exercises.
Dr Jumyir Basar, Professor, AITS, research scholars, post graduate students, college students besides residents of Doimukh and RGU campus also attended the workshop.