A story of a determined woman

RUKSIN, Mar 8: Junnoo (Ancy) Dupak, a 29-year-old girl of Niglok village in East Siang district has completed her Master Degree in Tourism Administration (MTA) with Master of Philosophy (MPhil), attained Junior Research Fellowship under UGC. She is presently pursuing doctorate in ‘Animal Husbandry’ and at the same time has taken up the income generation activities as a part of economic empowerment of women.
She has developed an animal farm with 500 local layer fowl and thousands of chickens and more than 300 goats and has created a success story.
Further, she is exploring the local egg and meat markets as the local farm products are always on high demand.
Realizing the monetary gain, Junnoo has increased layer birds’ strength up to 200 birds in her farm in order to increase egg production.
“I earlier ran the animal farm without any help or technical feedback from the state’s agriculture or veterinary departments, but after the state and national media highlighted my activities, state’s veterinary department gave me some technical assistance and supply veterinary medicines and animal feed from time to time”, Junnoo informed.
However, Junnoo has appealed to the state government to formulate a policy for economic empowerment of rural women.
According to Junnoo, government’s present policies are not sufficient for economic empowerment of rural women. She has advocated that state government should conduct field survey and identify the factors responsible for socio-economic setback of the rural women and take up proper policy for their remedies.
She also appealed to all women to take a pledge to involve themselves for economic empowerment of rural women and also take active part in social reformation.