DTWA & AIDYSA oppose demand against Deoris

ITANAGAR, Mar 18: The Deori Tribal Welfare Association (DTWA), a Maha-devpur-based organization and All India Deori Youths and Students Association (AIDYSA) have vehemently opposed the issue raised by the All Arunachal Pradesh Youth Forum (AAPYF) for cancellation of land allotment given to the Deori tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.
In an emergency meeting at Mahadevpur on 16 March, the DTWA asked the Forum to stop unwarranted bandh call and press statements against Deoris.
The Association reiterated that the Deori is a tribe which has settled since time immemorial in Arunachal Pradesh and some of them migrated to some parts of present Assam due to natural calamities and natural evolution process.
Further, the DTWA asked the Forum to study the historical background, the Constitutional orders and amendments of Deori tribe seriously.
“Without studying and knowing properly, the protest / bandh call by the AAPYF to evict the Deori from Arunachal Pradesh is illegal and might call for unrest,” the Association said in a release.
Vehemently opposing the demand of the Forum, AIDYSA, a Guwahati based organization in its emergency meeting on Saturday said the move of the Forum is politically motivated.
“Any such ill-intended political suppression of the Deori in Arunachal Pradesh will not be tolerated,” the AIDYSA central committee said in a statement.
“The AAPYF should not misinterpret the Constitution and the Supreme Court orders,” the AIDYSA said and appealed to the Forum to stop any anti-Deori activities.