Waii unveils dev projects at Ziro

ZIRO, Mar 19: Minister for Home, RWD and Border Affairs, Kumar Waii on Monday unveiled a series of developmental projects for the people of Ziro.
He laid the foundation stones for a new police station at Old Ziro, two model villages, namely Lempia and Keilya, and also inaugurated a 400M all-weather cement concrete pavement from Yapuyang to Taro Taku village.
Responding to a memorandum submitted by the Old Ziro Bazaar Committee for construction of quarters for the police personnel, the Home minister asked them to prepare a comprehensive master plan for the police station. He assured to provide the necessary fund at the earliest.
“Model village schemes should be implemented in true spirit as per the master plan. Infrastructural needs should be prioritized and quality of work should never be compromised,” he said.
He appealed to the executing agencies of the projects to use the allocated funds judiciously.
Addressing the villagers of Taru Taku village at Taku Lapang, Waii said, “You are blessed to be born in such a naturally gifted place. It is your duty to preserve and propagate the beauty of this region.”
He also donated a month’s salary to the goan burahs and goan burhis attending the programme.
Local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary, Tage Taki called upon the people of Ziro valley to work together brushing aside all political difference for a progressive and socially harmonized society.
“We should not let political vindictiveness hamper the developmental process,” he said.
Former AYA president Taku Chatung also spoke on the occasion.
Earlier, the minister joined the Myoko festivities organised by CE Kago Tabiyo at Hija.
Deputy Commissioner Kemo Lollen and SP Bomge Kamduk, officials from Rural Works department were present during the inaugural programme. (DIPRO)