Intaya villagers say no to drugs

[ Karyir Riba ]
ROING, Mar 30: Drugs problem in Lower Dibang Valley district has always been an issue of concern for all. To nip the problem in the bud, the villagers of Intaya village sprang into action as soon as they learned that the drug menace had entered their village.
The villagers recently held a meeting, chaired by former ZPM Namo Linggi, in order to discuss the issue and come up with ways to fight the menace.
Reportedly, suspected drug peddlers, drug abusers, and some persons who allowed young addicts to use their houses as dens were identified. The villagers then visited each suspect in person to warn them against peddling and abusing drugs. Those who allowed youngsters to use their houses to consume drugs were also warned to stop the practice.
“They were also warned of lodging complaint and turning them out of the village,” informed a villager.
During this time, Dr Manaya Mena expressed her willingness to support drug addicts who are willing to quit and attend rehab.
Former bazaar secretary Rajkumar Linggi and engineer Rukmo Mow also offered to provide assistance to the addicts who are in need of counselling and other help.
IMCLS PR secretary Dr Rasto Mena appealed to all the villages in the district to emulate this exercise of the villagers of Intaya.
“Each village needs to rise up individually to fight against this evil before any outside help is expected,” he said.