MLA assures villagers of flood control measures

SILUK, Apr 17: The Silukian Welfare Kebang (SWK) said on Monday that it has received assurance from Mebo MLA Lombo Tayeng that he would look into the demand for flood control measures to prevent flooding of Siluk village from the Siluk river.
It said the MLA gave the assurance after the SWK had submitted a representation to him during his visit here. The representation contained demand for construction of a three-kilometre long, 20 feet high and 15 feet wide RCC embankment to protect the village from floods.
“Flood protection measures at Siluk village will not only benefit Siluk but also the downstream villages like Ngopok, Kiyit and Borguli,” the SWK quoted Tayeng as saying.
Tayeng was accompanied by East Siang Deputy Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak.
Meanwhile, the villagers of Siluk hailed the MLA for taking stock of the problems caused by flooding from the river.