Poet gives talk on power of poetry

AALO, Apr 21: Renowned poet Madhu Raghavendra gave a talk on ‘Power of poetry’ at St Francis de Sales College here on 19 April.
He said poetry of a particular region speaks immensely about that culture and politics.
“Globally, with the spread of performance poetry as an upcoming art form, there is an opportunity to use the art to propagate culture and human rights,” he said. “There is evidence to support that introducing arts and poetry in general education and curricula improves students’ imagination and narrative skills, and develops a sense of ethics towards society.”
Madhu is the founder of Poetry Couture, one of India’s largest pro-bono poetry initiatives, and his debut book of poems, Make Me Some Love to Eat, has been well received nationwide.
He performs poetry at many literature festivals in India. He was a resident artist at Basar Confluence, one of Arunachal Pradesh’ first artist residency programmes, informed a release.