APST staffers’ service lauded

ITANAGAR, Apr 24: Arunachal Pradesh State Transport (APST) Itanagar Station Superintendent Tuter Dulom on Monday lauded the service of the APST staffers.
In a function held at the APST station in Ganga on Monday, Dulom said “the staffers have been working for the society with dedication and sincerity.”
He said the APST has engaged seven buses for ferrying more than 700 students of KV-I & II from different pickup points to school and back.
“But it has been observed that several students act recklessly in the buses, which can put their lives at risk. Parents need to guide their children and ensure that they follow rules while traveling in the buses,” said Dulom.
He warned that students who do not follow traffic rules and maintain cleanliness while availing of APST bus service would have their government bus concession cards cancelled.
All Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation (AAPPTF) president Dobing Sonam said it is not only the responsibility of the teachers, bus drivers and conductors but also of parents to maintain discipline to ensure the safety of students.
More than 500 students and their parents attended the interaction session with official of the APST and discussed problems affecting students and drivers. The renewed bus cards of the current session were distributed to the students on the occasion.