Bring back intricate and time-honoured weaving designs: Misra

DOIMUKH, Apr 2: Neelam Misra, wife of Governor BD Mishra, visited the Research and Designing Centre here on 1 May and exhorted the craftsmen, instructors and trainees to bring back the intricate and time-honoured weaving designs with beads and silk threads
Also visiting various sections of the centre, including weaving, embroidery, knitting, carpet making, woodcarving, carpentry and painting, she called on them to promote the traditional designs with innovation to add value to the traditionally produced articles.
“It goes to our native expertise that our household produces quality items but the artisans get only a fraction of the selling price for their product, which needs efforts to cut the unjustified middle links over heads”, she said, and encouraged the artisans, particularly the trainees to strive hard and develop entrepreneurship and be self-supporting market persons.
Papum Pare district, Textile, Handloom & Handicrafts Deputy Director, TC Kapa and Assistant Director Kaman Pertin briefed Misra about the centre and its challenges.
The centre is one of the oldest industrial centres under the department of Textile and Handicrafts in the state.