Contribute towards improving literacy rate: Gov

RAGA, May 3: Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Dr BD Mishra called upon the people of Kamle district to contribute towards improving the literacy rate of the state.
Visiting the newly created Kamle district on Thursday, with his wife NeelamMisra, and interacted with public leaders, government officials and public of Kamle.
Addressing a huge public gathering at Raga, the governor said that every child above the age of six years must be sent to school, particularly the girl child.
“Educating a child is educating one person, but educating a girl child is education a family”, he said.
The governor also urged the people to contribute towards the development, peace and security of the state and the nation.
Impressed by the scenic beauty and scopes for eco and adventure tourism of the district, the governor emphasised that every developmental projects must integrated with the tourism aspects.
He also informed about vacancies in the police and army, and requested the people, public leaders, PRI members and gaonburahs to motivate the youth to avail the opportunities.
Local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Animal Husbandry & Veterinary and Dairy Development, Tamar Murtem, Arunachal Pradesh State Forest Corporation Chairman, TaloMugli and representatives of the Panchayat Raj institute, gaonburahs, NGOs and students briefed the governor about the challenges of the district.
The governor also met the district heads of department of Kamle and advised them to ensure transparency, accountability, continuity, audit and review and wherever required, midterm correction.
“If you perform your duty and carry out your responsibilities ensuring these aspects, development will be seen on the ground”, he pointed.