Wait for justice continues as police fails to crack Ojing Taying murder case

ITANAGAR, May 3: The All East Siang District Students’ Union (AESDSU) demanded that the murder case of Ojing Taying be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) if the Special Investigation Team (SIT) fails to make a breakthrough within one month’s time.
Addressing reporters here on Thursday, the union informed that the case was handed over to the SIT on 27 April, adding that, even after 11 months of Taying’s death, his “brutal murder remains a mystery as police failed to make any progress in the case and is still clueless about the perpetrators”.
Expressing disappointment over inordinate delay in cracking the case, AESDSU convenor Yon Taki stated that no advancement has been made on Taying’s case by the police despite the assurance of the Capital Complex superintendent of police to solve it within six month’s time.
Yon also lamented that “the police did not care to inform the family or the union” that the case has been passed on to the SIT.
AESDSU president Oyin Yosung questioned the way the police is handling the case, saying that the police should have looked at every possible angle to nab the culprit.
Referring to the murder case of cashier Bomge Nyori in Mebo, which was solved by the Pasighat unit police within 19 days despite lack of clues initially, Oyin suggested that capital police “learn some lessons” from the police team of Pasighat.
Union general secretary, Tonong Darang opined that the capital police should have also carefully verified the mobile data and all call records of the area from where late Taying’s body was found.
“This might help in zeroing down the suspect’s mobile number from the location during the period when the murder was executed,” he opined.
Affirming to continuously chase the police till justice is delivered, the union also pleaded to the state government to understand the agony of the bereaved family members, especially late Taying’s mother who is reportedly still under trauma and awaiting justice for her son.
Ojing Taying was attacked by two unidentified persons on 10 June, 2017 at Niti Vihar in Itanagar and succumbed to his injuries four days later in a hospital in Guwahati.