RGUSU seeks better infrastructure for RGU

ITANAGAR, May 4: The Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union (RGUSU) has written to vice chancellor of RGU alleging poor quality work in the university.
In the letter, the RGUSU stated that over the years, “infrastructure created in the university is of sub-standard” and it has immensely harmed the image of RGU.
“As seen from the past few years, the infrastructure in the RGU campus has not been able to satisfy the students or for that matter even the general observers. Leakages, seepage, cracks, distortions, etc have been found in newly constructed buildings. The students’ union and many activists reported the matter to the concerned authority but no action has been initiated.
There is no proper conformity of the rules and regulations laid down by the UGC in terms of infrastructural development,” RGUSU wrote in the letter.
Further, the union alleged that despite the governor of Arunachal directing the vice chancellor to expedite work transparently, the situation has not improved.
The RGUSU also alleged that the recent NAAC accreditation for the university has been affected by the sub-standard works.
Time and again, the students’ union has expressed its dissatisfaction on the issue of E-tendering.
‘The input provided by university administration does not meet with standards and aspirations of the stakeholders. The open advertisement and e-tendering process remains unclear pulling doubts about its legitimacy’, the union said in a release.
“The university infrastructure is mostly carried out by the local contractors and there is no mechanism to check the quality of the building materials and procedures. It is extremely disappointing to see that the administration is coming under such influence which poses a great threat to the infrastructural development of the university”, the RGUSU added.
It also called for proper monitoring of work and urged the vice chancellor to put in appropriate measures to ensure quality works.