Arunachal student makes it to NDA

[ Nang Sanie ]
ITANAGAR, May 11: Sunwang Wangsa has made it to the final list of the National Defence Academy (NDA) Examination.
Son of Wangbam Wangsa and Junmai Wangsa from Chasa village of Tirap district, Sunwang completed his high school from Sanik School, Punglwa, Nagaland in 2018.
This daily spoke to Sunwang.
Nang Sanie(NS): What inspired you to apply for the NDA?
Sunwang Wangsa (SW): During our educational trips, we were taken to Sanik schools, where we got to see a lot of officers. I was inspired by their gentleman-like ways of speaking, their charming character and personality.
NS: How did you prepare for the examinations? Were there any specific sacrifices that had to be made along the way?
SW: I started my preparations right from the time I started eleventh grade.
Of course, I had to work really hard for it. I studied for the CBSE and NDA simultaneously.
There is no substitute for hard work; it is a must when one wants to achieve something.
As for sacrifices, I spent more time studying than playing or wasting it on leisure activities.
I interacted more with officers, as the character of those with whom you spend time with is imbibed in you.
NS: What are your plans for the future?
SW: I plan to become an air force officer. The NDA examinations recruit for the Indian Army so I will serve in the army for two years and after that, in the fourth term, I plan on switching to the air force.
Also, if I could, I would like to reach the rank of Air Chief Marshal!
(Nang Sanie, an intern with Arunachal Times, is a fifth semester student of Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore)