Sanjoy accuses Rijiju of sabotaging airport project

ITANAGAR, May 24: Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Takam Sanjoy on Thursday alleged that MoS for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju was using his (Sanjoy’s) name to stop the establishment of an airport in Itanagar.
In a stinging statement, Sanjoy alleged that Rijiju instigated people to file cases in court to stall the airport project and also gave the whole project a political colour.
“One reason for the delay in the airport project is cited to be that Takam Sanjoy is going to get plenty of compensation money. Am I not Indian? Am I not APST? Why deny the right to compensation to me? If bills are fake and false, go and check in the DC’s office. I bought my land in Hollongi 30 to 35 years ago, that too from local Nyishis. The best way to get me out from getting compensation is to remove my land at the airport area from the Indian map and build the airport,” the APCC president said.
“Compensation in any centrally-funded project is a must, whether it is airport, railways, trans-highway, army or defence establishment, etc, as per the law. In fact, at Hollongi the rates should have been two to four times higher than the floor rates as per the new Land Acquisition Act. But local people agreed for lower rates,” he said.
He further added: “Some BJP workers go to Kiren Rijiju, complaining that the opposition will get money and therefore don’t sanction the project. Kiren forwarded those complaint letters to the civil aviation minister a long time back. What is the justification for this act? When I was member of parliament, I managed to get Rs 126 crore as compensation for the Nechipu-Bana-Seppa-Pake Kessang-Leporiang-Sagalee-Hoj road project, and all the beneficiaries are local tribal. I did not get any benefit from it.”
Sanjoy also sought to remind Rijiju that “elections are not always won by money only.
“We never did these petty and silly things when we were in government. Remember, people will question, and let us not underestimate the educated, intellectual future generation of Arunachal. I have opened up about the airport issue for the first time after a lot of observation, judgment, patience and perseverance. A stone is a stone. The truth is the truth.
We should openly and transparently with courage and wisdom speak the truth,” added Sanjoy.
He also questioned why “powerful people sitting in Delhi” were sabotaging the greenfield airport project and trying to ensure that Itanagar remains the only capital in India where there is no airport.
The APCC president also questioned Rijijus’ “double standards” on the compensation issue.
“I want to educate our friends that Kiren Rijuju as MoS home had sanctioned a NE disaster management battalion from the ministry at Hollongi and the land compensation for it has already been paid. But where is the construction work? Why are people only against the greenfield airport?” questioned Sanjoy.