Catastrophic situation

The report of dam water of Pare hydroelectric project, being executed by NEEPCO, threatening to submerge Rose-Jampa area is matter of deep concern. Due to heavy rainfall in the last few days, the volume of dam water has suddenly increased thereby threatening to submerge the whole area. Further dam water is also reportedly threatening to wash away portion of Yupia-Potin Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH). Already the blame game has started with NEEPCO officials blaming PWD highway for constructing TAH at lower elevation due to which portion of highway faces threat of being submerged.
This is the beginning of long rainy season and the actual monsoon is yet to hit the state. Imagine what will be the situation during the peak monsoon when rain batters the whole of Arunachal. In all probability it will be a disaster. The pertinent question is how NEEPCO authorities and state government failed to foresee the present situation while constructing the dam. It seems proper study has not been carried out by the NEEPCO at time of starting the project. As situation is turning grim, the state government and NEEPCO authorities should join hand together to find a lasting solution to the problem. They should not leave citizens to fend for themselves.