Baptist assn celebrates silver jubilee

POAKKOAM, Jun 4: The silver jubilee of the Nocte Baptist Asathem Roapkhhoan (NBAR) was celebrated here in Tirap district by the Nocte Baptist Asatham Roapkhoan (formerly the Nocte Baptist Church Association) on Sunday.
Attending the celebration, legislator Tirong Aboh acknowledged the contributions made by Naga Christian missionaries for the uplift of the Nocte community socially and economically, and in the development of moral values.
He heaped praise on Rev NI Meren for his selfless services in “transforming the life of the locals since 1993, despite many challenges he faced from anti-Christian elements.”
He appealed to the people to live in harmony for peace and progress.
Advisor to Chief Minister Wanglin Lowangdong recalled the hardship the Nocte Christian pioneers had faced during the early years in spreading the messages and teachings of Jesus Christ in Nocte areas.
He hailed the ABAM workers for accepting the challenge of coming to the Nocte area and establishing a Christian mission, which later became an important agent of change towards development.
He also recalled how the NBAR Mission Centre was started at Poakkoam, and the hardship faced by the NTWI in establishing the Poakkom English School, the first Christian school of the area.
Lowangdong fondly remembered late Peter Tachap Songthing “for his immense contributions and struggles while carrying out the mission among the Noctes.”
He announced Rs 20 lakhs to the NBAR for starting a project in memory of late Songthing.
MLA W Sawin exhorted the congregation to continue working with the same zeal and enthusiasm for the welfare of the Nocte people.
Rev Dr Nuklu Longkumer spoke on the rapid development of churches in the Nocte belt.
The second day of the celebration began with the dedication of a monolith by field director of Poakkoam, Rev Asenba Imsong.
To mark the celebration, NBAR Christians of the Nocte community committed themselves to work harder for the people.
Earlier, the NBAR community hall was inaugurated by ABAM executive secretary Rev Dr Mar Atsongchanger.
Members of ABAM, the Tangsa Association, the Wancho Association, Christian leaders, and several public leaders, including former minister TL Rajkumar attended the programme.
Members from 54 churches under the NBAR and around 600 delegates participated in the celebration.