Org to go on tour to propagate demand for DATCA

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Jun 10: The Abo Tani Clan Organisation (ATCO) is going to begin its ‘Abo Tani Touring (Yatra)’ across the state from 13 June to propagate and gather support for the establishment of the Department of Abotani Traditional & Cultural Affairs (DATCA).
Addressing reporters at a city hotel here, ATCO president Yamra Taya said a team of 22 will begin the tour from Namsai district, and gradually move to Lower Dibang Valley district, the Siang belt, and Upper and Lower Subansiri districts, before arriving here in Papum Pare by the end of the month.
He said that during the tour, the team will inform the people about the importance of the creation of the DATCA and how it will have a positive outcome in the future for the five tribes of the Abo Tani clan (Adi, Galo, Nyishi, Apatani and Tagin).
He said the department would not only generate employment opportunities specifically for the Tani clan tribes but also help in research and preservation of the genealogy of the five tribes, so that it could be passed down to the generations that come after.
The organisation opined that the Department of Indigenous Cultural Affairs would not suffice in addressing the issues of the Tani tribes, and that a separate department was a necessity.
The ATCO has meanwhile appointed new executives members to lead the organization.