An open letter to DC

Dear Editor,
The morning joggers in the IG Park Itanagar are facing grave problems in the following manners-
Some high profile people bring their pet dogs inside the park in their cars & SUVs and let loose it inside the park, thereby creating panic amongst the peaceful joggers. One morning a dog ran out of a SUV as its rear door was open and it almost attacked a lady jogger but because of some attentive co-joggers the incident was averted.
The driver of the SUV was let off after a warning by the people. It is very sad to see that the park has been neglected by the authorities and such incidents are happening on daily basis. It is a big threat to the small children who accompany their parents to the park.
There are many anti social elements loitering inside the park right from the morning hours till late at night. They are mostly drug addicts, IMFL drinkers and it creates nuisance. Also, it is seen that day by day some people are encroaching upon the park land. They have started constructing RCC houses inside the demarcated land of the park. All those structures should be dismantled with bulldozers after giving one month time.
Gates of the park are kept open all the time, thus giving access to vehicles and it creates pollution in the park. Moreover, the spoilt brats drive the vehicles so recklessly inside the park that it poses big threat to the life & safety of the walkers. Parks are not meant for the vehicles but for recreational purposes only. Hence, the administration should ensure that the IG park doesn’t loose its theme. This is the only place left for the Capital denizens for recreation. This is the only green area left in the capital region.
Some people bring their cars and so driving practice here early in the morning & evening. The park has become so dirty & stinky. It is full of plastics & other throwaways, waste materials, food leftovers and maximum stretches of the park are filled with filth.
Lastly, it would great if the administration directs the concerned authorities of installing exercise equipment’s and push ups bars etc as it is done in other parks in cities. The ongoing beatification of the park and the construction of jogging track is very appreciable job. Hence it is requested that the matter may be looked into and enough security guards and Police personnel from APP be deployed in the park.
A Group of Morning Joggers