Eco-resort foundation laid

[ Indrajit Tingwa ]
CHONGKHAM, Jul 11: Foundation for an eco-resort was laid at Tissue village under Chongkham circle in a simple ceremony by observing religious rites on Tuesday.
The resort, a joint venture of Uday Saikia, an entrepreneur from Tinsukia and Nang Kungnali Manhout of Tissue village, is slated to be operational by the advent of winter.
The site is located on the outskirts of the village between the Marwa River and Hoimong stream.
The resort will cater to regular tourists, besides providing children-specific activities.
Lodging in tree houses, log houses and tents will be a matter of choice, while local cuisines which will be served will involve the immediate local communities.
Saikia informed that boating facilities for children, swings and cycling tracks would be the other attractions.
Further, he plans to organise adventure packed activities in the vicinity of the resort. The location of the resort is just about 300 metre off the Chongkham-Wakro road.