Capital DA bans fish from outside NE

ITANAGAR, Jul 16: The capital complex district administration has prohibited sale and entry of fish from outside the Northeastern region in the capital complex for a period of 30 days, starting Monday.
The decision was taken during a meeting convened by Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan to discuss reports of prevalence of fish laced with formalin to enhance their shelf life.
Observing that consumption of such fish may lead to serious health hazard, the DC said it was necessary that measures are adopted to ensure that such fish are not imported into the capital complex.
Assistant Food Controller Lokham Manga informed that test kits to help detect the presence of chemicals in fish have been ordered. He said the kits are expected to arrive in 10 to 15 days’ time.
The DC advised administrative officials, the DMO and food safety officers to keep constant vigil and conduct surprise check to contain the sale of chemically treated fish in the capital complex.
He also directed the market welfare associations/bazaar welfare committees in the capital complex to sensitize the fish vendors and report the presence of any chemically treated fish.
The DC also directed the Itanagar and Naharlagun EACs to check the nuisance of illegal vendors along the highway, and to allow the vendors/shopkeepers to run their businesses only at the designated places.
Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) president Yumlam Achung said the IMWA is keeping constant vigil and not allowing suspect cases from outside the state to be sold in the market, while Nirjuli Market Welfare Association president Tarh Tamey that suspect cases would not be allowed to be sold in the markets. (DIPRO)