Coronation ceremony of Khamti new chief held

[ Indrajit Tingwa ]
CHONGKHAM, Jul 25: The Tai-Khamti tribe of Arunachal Pradesh got its new chief after the coronation of Chow Khancheng Namchoom to the coveted position in a ceremony held in presence of a huge gathering at the Raj Vihar, here on Wednesday.
After the coronation, Chow Khancheng Namchoom has been conferred with the title of Chow Pha Houm Maung Tai.
The new Khamti chief Chow Khancheng Namchoom succeeds his elder brother Chow Meoho Namchoom. He is a retired principal chief conservator of forests and had been holding the post of chairman of the Chongkham Village Council after retirement as PCCF.
The chief priest of Chongkham, Chow Tiyot Mancheykhun presided over the coronation ceremony organised by the Tai Khamti Singpho Council, in collaboration with the people of Chongkham village.
The chief priest invoked the blessings of the Lord Buddha and coronated the new Khamti chief by putting on him the royal robes and the special headgear, signifying the official installation into the chieftainship of the Tai Khamti tribe.
Eradicating social evils like drug menace, preservation of language and culture and development of agriculture will be some of the priority areas of the new Khamti chief.
Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein, in a message, hoped that the new Khamti chief would serve the people with his experiences and wisdom for the betterment of the Tai-Khamti society.
Namsai MLA Chow Zingnu Namchoom also expressed his happiness on coronation of the new Khamti chief.